Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Marge & Friends: Stitched Whimsies

Marge & Friends: Stitched Whimsies
Capitol Lakes Galleries
July 2 - August 29, 2019

Reception Friday July 12, 7 pm
333 W Main St
Madison, WI

Come stitch with Memory Cloth Circle
Tuesdays 11 :30 am
July 16, July 30 & August 13

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Memory Cloth Circle

January 8 – February 20
Reception January 16, 2019 
4:30 – 6:30 pm

Lakeside Street Coffee House
402 W. Lakeside Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Join us for a reception of the exhibit, WORDS, embroidered on vintage textiles on January 16, 4:30-6:30.  This exhibit focuses on words, unusual words, meaningful phrases, and poems.  

The Memory Cloth Circle began at the Lakeside Street Coffee House as part of the 2013 MMOCA Triennial.  Each week people signed up to tell stories and embroider their memories.  We’ve been continuing it ever since then.

Memory Cloth Circle will hold a free stitching workshop at Alicia Ashman library on February 12, 1-3 pm.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memory Cloth Circle: Recent Work
Reception Friday June 2, 7-10 pm

Madison Public Library first and second floors
Exhibit  June 1 – July 27 2017

201 W Mifflin St, Madison, WI 

Mon-Thurs: 9-9, Fri: 9-6, Sat: 9-5
by Jane Pearlmutter

by Brenna Hopkins
 TRUTH                                           Memory Cloth Circle
On February 27, 2017  the New York Times ran a full-page list of statements concerning the nature of truth. This page inspired the Memory Cloth Circle to make this piece.  Each stitcher created an individual response on a vintage linen doily with hand crocheted lace borders.
We feel strongly committed to the pursuit of truth as an essential element in the preservation and growth of our democracy.

The truth is hard. (Brenna Hopkins)

The truth is hidden. (Kris Dohm)

The truth must be pursued. (Peggy Thornton)

The truth is hard to hear. (Jane Pearlmutter)

The truth is rarely simple. (Lisa Binkley)

The truth isn’t so obvious. (Candy Flynn)

The truth is necessary. (Leslee Nelson)

The truth can’t be glossed over. (Evelyn Kain)

The truth has no agenda. (Bobbie Malone)

The truth can’t be manufactured. (Joan Zieger)

The truth doesn’t take sides. (Maureen Griffin)

The truth isn’t red or blue. (Cynde Quinn)

The truth is hard to accept. (Marinela Manistrili)

The truth pulls no punches. (Pam Phillips Olson)

The truth is powerful. (Marilyn Wedberg)

The truth is under attack. (Ellen Nordsieck)

The truth is worth defending. (Madge Klais)

The truth requires taking a stand. (Sherri Shokler)

The truth is more important now than ever. (Marilee Wertlake)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Laurie Stephens Vance - ALL THE GOOD YOU DO


Laurie Stephens Vance
I have always stitched and loved stitching as far back as I can remember. Many times I have told people I could sit and embroider all day long if I could. A more wonderful and relaxing activity I have never been able to find; lest it be swimming, perhaps. Thankfully, finding a group with like-minded people (who love stitching, too), has been such a blessing for me! And I hope for them, too.

 Vintage Hankie, Viol, Fabric, Lace, Floss, Bias Tape,
 Various and Sundry Embellishments like Fake Rhinestones and Plastic Figurines.

This piece was a lot of fun to put together! It is frivolous and fun; but also highlights the very important truth: All The Good You Do Will Come Back To You! There is only so much energy in the world and when someone does something, good or bad, it will eventually come back their way. So, why not let it be Good? Even when one thinks they will never see the benefit of the good they are doing; one day, totally out of the blue, the Good Deed surely flies back to us. Much to our surprise and amazement!

Sherri Shokler - We Are Stardust

Sherri Shokler
We Are Stardust
Hand-dyed cotton and linen, commercial cotton fabric, vintage doily pieces, rick-rack, cotton, wool and metallic threads, beads, netting and hand made paper.

Stitching a humble sampler
A beginners attempt at applique
A daughter’s heart and soul
Fraught with dark energy

Circles of cloth and a simple grid
Hands and spirit lead the way
No rules, no plan
Just exploration
Of a color that delights,
A texture that comforts,
A material that sparks interest

Stitching becomes a meditation
A relief, a respite
From the pain and anguish of a situation
That is uncertain and unpredictable
In everything except in its unrelenting chaos

Stitch transforms
One stitch, then another and another
Within the circle of creative energy
Something new emerges
Spiraling upward, onward
Stitching a sampler of starlit galaxies
Filled with endless possibilities

Monday, October 12, 2015

Maureen Griffin HOPE

Cotton fabric and embroidery thread, Czech crystal beads.
11” X 5”
Custom Wooden Frame (by Lynn’s)

“There is always hope,” spoken by a five year old boy who was asked by his Hebrew teacher if he knew the meaning of the sanctuary light in the temple. He had recently lost his father to cancer. The Tree of Life image holds great meaning to his mother.


Red Thread                                                                                   
Vintage Linen, embellished.  10” x 11”

The “Red Thread” quote is from a Chinese saying.  It perfectly reflects how I felt when meeting my first grandchild, adopted from Taiwan.  I imagined her looking out the window at the same moon as I, not yet knowing that we’d meet, when we’d meet.

Fabric and fibers are my choice of artistic medium.  I have sewn, quilted, stitched, printed, dyed and collected all kinds of textiles and trims for most of my life.  I recently have connected with a circle of like minded stitchers and reconnected with my love of hand stitching.  One of my favorite forms of art is using vintage linens and trims in my work to both honor the original makers and add my own mark.

I sell some of my work at CharlotteOnSunday.etsy.com